On a recent trip to the Osa Peninsula on the southwest coast of Costa Rica, we had to jump from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez in a twin otter plane.  Of course we joked about the riskiness of this transportation method, but we knew it would be a safe way to save time on our trip.  We flew with Nature Air, the self claimed first carbon neutral airline.
Tons of fun!  You feel like you’re in a toy plane, and some one is pulling you up into the sky by a string.  Scenic Costa Rica fails to disappoint.  Waterfalls glisten in mountain crevices.  Roads zig zag through the jungle to small rural communities.  Obvious environmental friendliness opens its arms.
Anyways, we always travel with a humorous attitude, and so follows…
Does Nature Air have a witty sense of humor or is there reason for worry?

Leaving San Jose, a cosmopolitan, developing city just as many others we have been lucky enough to see.  Every city has a charm (even Detroit).  So far, we have only experienced San Jose’s charm from modes of transportation.  (Although, modes of transportation have lots to tell about a place.)

Quite the cramped little plane.  Cozy, felt like sitting at a dinner table. 

Costa Rica is entirely lush! Possibly the most eco-friendly country I’ve ever experienced.  It’s incredibly obvious in their culture and surroundings.

Notice the new $29 million dollar football (American: soccer) stadium being built by China just near San Jose.  Why, might one ask?  Oh, you know why…gaining another “diplomatic” partner, one that happens to not have an army at all…finding a dual purpose market system-Costa Rica, a place that needs China’s goods and can give access to natural resources needed for China’s massively growing population…especially after having a strong courtship with Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Chile- Costa Rica wanted some Chinese loving as well…AND…it came in the form of one of the largest football stadiums in Latin America.

We love little hopper planes.  In this case, it was actually more cost effective to add the additional flight than rent a car, purchase auto insurance, and risk sinking the car in the most massive pot holes we have ever seen in our lives on so called roads.  I’m not kidding.  Grandma and Grandpa’s nice in-ground pool is like a puddle compared to these babies.  We will save Costa Rica’s notable roads for another post.  (Kenya has nothing on Costa Rica when it comes to pot holes!)
The guide we used for our Osa Peninsula adventure (and will use again when we go back- because we definitely will be going back):