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Sipi Falls is quite possibly the most spectacular place Tracy and I have ever stayed. It sits here on the edge of Mt Elgon in eastern Uganda. It is far from easy to get to, even from where I was working in western Kenya it took us 2 hours in a matatu(a 14 passenger taxi-van usually with about 22 passengers and 2 live chickens) and 2 hours in a taxi plus the always exciting African border crossing. We spent Christmas 2009 here making for our most memorable holiday getaway(and our christmas card photo this year).

Our hotel, Lacam Lodge, is visible on the cliff to the right of the falls. Our room is the thatched roof banda on the cliff’s edge closest to the falls.
Tracy in our banda, complete with bucket style toilet, wood stove heated hot showers, kerosene lanterns and a view of what seemed like all of Uganda.
The aforementioned view from the hotel.
I expect that this picture could make anyone want to travel.
What is it about water falling that we find so appealing?
Dusk view from the lodge.

The beautiful bottom of Sipi Falls, which we saw up close on Christmas day while rappelling: see my upcoming Part II post for pictures of rappelling and our hike to the upper falls.

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