This Adventurous Life

A young couple exploring the world…and their 30's

It is about time Cayle and I officially welcome our readers.  Really, we have better manners than this.

First, be sure to click on the “FOLLOW” button down and over to the right.  Then you will be updated automatically when posts are published.  Have you traveled to the same places?  Had similar experiences?  Need to ask us for hotel recommendations or reviews of activities?  Then, don’t be afraid to comment by clicking the comment buttons at the end of posts.

Most of our readers personally know us, but for those of you who might not, let us give you some context. Cayle and I met in undergraduate school, fell in love, and were married on a Caribbean beach when we were twenty five years old.  When we were nineteen, I made Cayle promise to sail around the world with me one day.  I am still holding him to it, except a catamaran is now preferred.  We do not have any human kids, but we have a great canine kid named Bailey.  Together, we have succeeded through a long haul of medical school and residency for Cayle.  Now, I am focused on finishing up my masters degree studying public service and non-profit management.  We are incredibly thankful for the lives we have and the adventures we get to live.  This blog is already encouraging us to be more adventurous.  We hope it encourages you too.

So, enjoy  Introduce yourselves to us and feel free to give feedback.  Thanks!

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