On my search for the perfect medical residency program a few years ago I traveled all over the country for interviews and city exploring. One of highlights was Asheville, North Carolina. It is idyllically situated in western NC in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Smoky Mountain National Park. It has a fantastic progressive, alternative, coffee shop, vegetarian, hippy culture…fantastic I guess only if that sounds like your type of city.

Thank you to KP and her wonderful parents for letting us stay at their beautiful Asheville cabin complete with picturesque porch swing.

Ok right…so that’s why they are called the smoky mountains.

We also stayed one night at this charming bed and breakfast thanks to the residency program. Is there another word to describe a B&B besides charming? I guess some I’d call quaint.

A very pretty little Asheville mall. But in the end…still just a mall.

Its not often that a city of such an ordinary appearance has such a unique cultural scene.

It’s at night that Asheville comes alive. The place is full of bluegrass street musicians and enough hipsters to keep you people watching all evening.

Asheville, NC is one of those places that is hard to leave. In fact many people don’t, the most common story from Ashevillians is how they came once on a whim or for a job and then 20 years later they can’t imagine ever moving. I think it’s just the sort of city that feels like home.