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We spent our second week in Hawaii on Kauai mostly so that we could hike one of the best trails in the world according to just about any criteria. The Kalalau trail is visually stunning but requires hiking up and down countless valleys for 11 grueling miles each way. It ends at a secluded and gorgeous beach tucked into the cliffs and only accessible by foot or kayak. So, although dangerous and scary in parts, the views were worth every step and because of its remoteness and beauty, it always felt like we were in a very special place.

The cliffs and pacific; equally stunning.

Still feeling pretty happy, energized…and clean, early on the first day.

The Na Pali coast is the second fastest eroding coastline in the world which creates these unique jagged valleys.
Our trail occasionally did some multitasking as both trail and stream.
We were incredibly lucky to unexpectedly run in to our friends AI and SI on our first day of the trail, seen here hiking up ahead with Tracy. It truly is a small world.
The infamous “red hill”. The picture hardly does justice to this immense mound of red dirt steep enough to be painful both going up and coming down.
One of the most beautiful coasts in the world.

Coming up in my next Kalalau post: The “cliff” section of the trail, our parents may want to skip that one.

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