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The focus of the last post was on the sheer beauty of the Kalalau trail, but there is another feature of this famous trail that warrants a post all to itself. This was without question the most dangerous hike we have been on. The trail has many hazards but the one that stands out is a section I have heard referred to as the “cliff section”, “sketchy segment” or even the “cliffy part”. Scroll down a little and you will find the video I recorded while navigating the cliff, complete with soundtrack.

I have never seen so many warning signs to start a trail. They were well deserved.
Just another casual stroll along a narrow trail hanging 300 feet over the rocky pacific shore.
If you look closely you can see the trail snaking along the cliffs edge.
Tracy carefully maneuvering the cliffs. Hiking poles were our new purchase for this trip…for obvious reasons.
We were very impressed with how SI handled this “edgiest” of trails overcoming a severe fear of heights.
Not only was the trail only a foot wide in some places but the footing was awful and at one point I was almost taken out by a falling rock. Still smiling though!

Here it is! Our first video on This Adventurous Life! If you listen carefully over the Aerosmith you may be able to hear Tracy scolding me for recording while hiking the sketchiest section of the trail:

A classic Kalalau sign. We were thankful not to have to add to the tally at the end of our hike.

The Kalalau Trail is truly an adventure. It is beautiful, dangerous, remote and attracts some wonderful and interesting people. If it was not for the near perfect Inca Trail in Peru, this would be the best hike of our lives…so far.

6 Responses to “The Kalalau Trail: Part II – The Dangerous Trail”

  1. Leslie

    So glad you weren't foolish–like hiking the trail when it was wet! What happened to the fear of falling? You were so busy recording that Tracy could have fallen off the cliff and you would have missed seeing her fall.

  2. Tracy

    I was yelling "Don't look at the camera!" the whole time he was recording. Seriously, one wrong step and your toast on that part of the trail. It's funny now that we are safe. Instantly, I realized the video wasn't going to go over all to well with moms.But…We survived! =)


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