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The kind where we get our house ready for the market in between traveling, work for Cayle, and graduate school for me. This seems more daunting then climbing any mountain.  So, I’m going to try turning it into a fun adventure, an opportunity.  Maybe tackling the basement will be like excavating an undiscovered cave in the Andes??  Hmmm….my imagination is quite superb but this might just be pushing it.  Hopefully, time spent taking inventory of our belongings and slimming them down will be clarifying and freeing.  That feeling one gets after finishing a race or arriving at camp, that sense of physical accomplishment will be had after every floor of our house is completed. And, hey, I’ve wanted to reorganize all of our luggage, sports and traveling gear for a long time.  Opportunity, it is.

With the help of some house staging research, I have broken the whole process into four stages:


(Wow, this process could be applicable to so many different areas of our lives!)

Each stage will have an organized and ordered list of what should be accomplished and a time frame for doing so.  We are not the cluttered, stuff hoarding types.  I’m guessing it won’t be as daunting as it seems.  That being said, I recall boxes of baseball bobble heads and back copies of years of Martha Stewart Living magazines sitting in our basement.  Why do we have those things still, I wonder.  Flashbacks of the TLC show “Clean Sweep” come into mind.  I loved watching that show! Remember the keep, toss, and sell piles? How fun.

So, what kind of advice do you all have for us? Please do share!

Raise your glass (I see you drinking coffee or wine while reading this.)…a different kind of adventure is starting!

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3 Responses to “A different kind of adventure”

  1. Leslie

    I am drinking coffee. Advice on decluttering: eliminate what you never should have bought or saved. Eliminate what you can live without and then plan to live without those items, living a simpler life. Save what you really need, what is hard to replace, also save your special items that are beautiful and make you feel good. And definitely save all backpacking gear!

  2. Meghan

    I, too, am drinking coffee:) First of all, I absolutely love cleaning and organization, and am passing those vibes onto you!BUT…more importantly, you're selling your house? And moving to…??? So exciting!

  3. Tracy

    How do you love cleaning?? We are working on putting the house on the market and are on the look out for our next place to call home. Any suggestions? Warmer weather will really be nice. =)


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