With the exception of recent man-made monstrosities such as times square, we live in a world of a few fairly ordinary colors and tones. In nature, the pallet is limited even further on most occasions. The biggest exception that I can think of is sunsets. A few minutes each evening if the atmosphere, sun and landscape combine just right, those missing vivid colors appear, lighting up the sky. On our travels Tracy and I have witnessed some truly unbelievable sunsets. The following are a few of my favorites, at least of the ones we managed to captured on camera. I tried not to enhance the photos or colors in the editing process, for the most part this is how each sunset really looked.

The inspiration for this post. Kalalau Beach, Kauai, Hawaii. The sunset after a major storm passed near by on our last night there.
Stone town, Zanzibar. Boys swimming off the coast of downtown.
French West Indies, Caribbean. This was before I bought a telephoto lens for my camera.
Our friend P did have a telephoto and captured this amazing moment during the above sunset.
Masai Mara, Kenya. Not your average sunset picture. Tracy captured this bizarre moment when the clouds seemed to catch fire from the bottom.
Bungoma, Kenya. This little city in Kenya is lacking just about any reason to visit but if you had to pick one, the sunsets would be near the top of the list. As for me, my other reason was to help run a mobile medical clinic.
Jinja, Uganda. Sunset over the White Nile the evening before white water rafting.
Back to Kalalau Beach where Tracy is seen staring into the sun.(not recommended)

I would probably be just as excited about sunrises, but to be honest…I rarely see one.