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We have recently returned from our annual trip to the Riviera Maya, coast line on the Yucatan peninsula that extends south of Cancun to Belize.  In 2005 we were married on a stunning beach in Playa del Carmen, and every year since we have ventured further south down the coast for peaceful vacationing.  This year, we spent a few wonderful days on the south beach of Tulum at this gem.  Allow me to introduce you to Shambala Petit Hotel.  A small home away from home with simple decor, wonderful staff, prime real estate on a perfect beach between Tulum ruins and Si’an Kaan bio-reserve.  Did I mention it is a yoga retreat?  And that my husband loved staying at a yoga retreat?  (Score 1 for Tracy!)
We stayed in the Krishna Casita.  It was open air with a fan, king sized bed and cute little feet cleaning basin as a welcome mat.  We shared a bathroom to save on cost, but I didn’t see anyone else use it except for us.  The sound of the ocean sings you sleep and believe it or not air conditioning wasn’t necessary.  The winds off of the ocean are quite strong in this area especially when the moon is fuller-creating a perfect sleeping environment under the thatched roofs of the casitas.

It was quite charming.  This property is themed as eco-friendly with modern decor.  The rooms are smaller and simple, but who spends a ton of time in their rooms anyways?  Electrical outlets (as with electricity in general) are scarce.  We found one in the corner of the yoga studio and felt it safe to charge our iPhones and camera batteries there.  The entire resort is on sand-powdery, fine, cool sand.  Here, you are to get away from it all and relax in nature.  If you want over development then don’t stay in Tulum (my advice to those who had negative reviews on tripadvisor).

Roberto, the owner, is very charming.  He runs the hotel with a few assistants.  It is a small operation.  Roberto responded to my reservation emails promptly and was accommodating to our preferences.  He usually requires payment in advance via bank transfer (I should have helped set him up with PayPal while I was there!), but I objected because of the $60 bank fee for international transfers from our credit union.  “No problem!  Can’t wait to see you,” he said.  Upon arrival we were handed a little cooler filled with 2 water bottles and 2 beers.

I laid in one of these hammocks playing fetch with Goa, Roberto’s yellow lab, while Cayle finished reading The Disappearing Spoon.
Private vinyasa yoga lesson.  It’s amazing what you learn and how different the positions feel when someone is watching and correcting you at all times.  I could live in this single room yoga studio over looking the beach-yoga studio perfection!  

The style and decor of the hotel is very balanced, even the color scheme.  If you have ever wondered why orange is such a popular and well chosen color to add to the decor palette of turquoise water front properties, it is mainly because of orange’s opposite position on the color wheel from that of the water color.  Balance, indeed.

The sole flag flying victoriously on the beach.  As I was describing the presence of this flag on our first night under the moonlight, Cayle thought I was saying “soul” flag.  This led to some really nice discussions and laughs.  It will forever be our “soul flag.”

This landmark helps you know how much closer you are to the resort when you are running in the sand, sun, and heat and not sure if you can keep running all the way.

It might be the most picturesque flag we have ever seen.  This photo embodies Tulum style at it’s best.  Now, let’s just hope the boutique owners don’t sell out to big resort chains- ever, and Tulum stays stuck in time just as it is.

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3 Responses to “Tranquility in Tulum”

  1. Meghan

    These photos are just stunning. It looks like you had such a peaceful vacation – exactly what I need, that's for sure! I would LOVE to experience a yoga retreat as well! Did Cayle participate too?

  2. Tracy

    It was very peaceful. And my parents met up with us later in the week, which was awesome. A girlfriend of mine did Amansala's bikini bootcamp in Tulum last December. They also have one in Ibiza I think. She had a great time- lots of relaxing activity and group physical activity and yoga classes. I am definitely doing a girls trip sometime this year that consists of yoga, exercise, spa, healthy food, and wine. If you or anyone you know would be interested in joining the small community of women that join me-that would be awesome. Bikini bootcamp blogger Meg or … It's nice to be back to blogging.

  3. Tracy

    Cayle did a "stretching session" with me. Baby steps for his relationship with yoga. =) We can't call it yoga when he is doing it just yet.


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