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There is something about an empty outdoor chair.  Like doors, dogs, sunsets, textures, quirky individuals… I’m always wanting to look at them more deeply, decipher their existence, and take a million photos of them.  Especially in the traveling mindset, I wonder about all of the interesting and unique people who have sat in them before me.  What is their story?  Where are they now? So many rapid fire questions from an empty chair.  These chairs are at the Sirena Ranger Station in Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica. 2010

Specifically Adirondack chairs catch my attention.  Popular in rural outdoor settings, it is easy to appreciate the use of local resources to make a natural yet graphic piece of furniture that you can sink into.  Often times I want to remember the view from a comfy chair that made my accommodation a home away from home.  This lovely chair is from our most recent stay at Shambala Petit Hotel in Tulum, Mexico. 2011

Sometimes I spend so much time in a specific outdoor seating area that it is necessary to capture it.  For instance, sitting at these tables in Nairobi working on a research paper for school (and procrastinating with a good book…). 2009

I especially like the variation of wood work and designs.  However, I don’t recommend this design…somehow someone managed to make an Adirondack chair uncomfortable.  I think it was the thin slats for the seat.  Maybe why they threw cushions on two of the three?

Sitting on a back patio in Wisconsin can be so similar to the many other outdoor chairs we have sat in around the world.  

A nice director’s chair overlooking a valley in Uganda. 2010
You not only wonder about the people who share part of the chair’s history with you but also about the surrounding environment, evolution (or in most cases devolution) of life, and discovery.  There is just so much to think about, but I always circle back to the simple visual beauty.  Now if only I could collect chairs from places I have been to sit around the fire pit at home.  Come to think of it, I guess that would ruin the whole linked existence idea in the end…so the chairs live on!

If I were a chair I think I would resemble an Adirondack chair.  Not painted, natural.  Slightly worn around the edges but only because so many people are drawn to enjoy its comfort.  I may add a twist though.  If I really like the inhabiter I could magically produce their favorite drink for them to enjoy while they sit in it or on me.  I’ll stop here…
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One Response to “Why do I always take pictures of outdoor chairs?”

  1. Meghan

    Who knew chairs would make for such gorgeous photography? I do the same thing with doors! I always wonder what lies behind them…


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