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On a whim we decided to head over to the Galapagos Islands as a part of our Ecuador trip, and we are SO happy we did.  We joined up on a tour that went to Baltra, Floreana, North Seymore, Santa Fe,Santa Cruz, and Espanola islands as well as Punta Suarez-Gardner Bay.   I really had my heart set on watching blue footed boobies waddle around and wasn’t disappointed.  Some of the many highlights of this trip included experiencing the vibrant blue feet of these long-winged seabirds and the efforts put into their mating rituals.

Here is the first of many Galapagos posts for your viewing pleasure now that we are back on the blogging wagon.

First, the obligatory start picture where we are tired and unkept yet filled to the brim with excitement and anticipation.  We were getting ready to board the dinghy and cruise over to our group’s yacht.

It was mating season for blue footed boobies.  There were “look at my sexy feet” dances going on everywhere.  Queue Marvin Gaye and picture male birds tilting their heads back and up to the sky while lifting and stomping their feet in front of their women in hopes of mating persuasion.  Oh wait, no need to exhaust your imagination.  Check out our video:

This gentleman was really putting the moves on her.
Notice the difference in the birds’ pupil sizes.  Males have smaller pin-like pupils, and females have larger pupils.
Thank goodness for technological advances like photography because I can’t imagine having to describe these birds and this color in a way that represents proximate reality.  Darwin would have benefited from a digital SLR. 
What quirky, unique beings. We hiked along maintained trails and often times had to step to the side to let a few waddling turquoise feet pass by.  They are completely indifferent about humans.  The only predators boobies have ever experienced are Galapagos hawks who hunt for their eggs.  
Let’s vote.  Who thinks this should be Cayle’s profile picture?  It is a male after all.
We love making new friends while traveling and forcing them to pose for photos.

It was really amazing to experience these birds in all sorts of ways including: surfacing from snorkeling with sea lions only to see a huge flock of blue feet fly over head, gazing at cliffs while on the boat at the moment a blue footed booby dive bombs into the water for a fish, and cruising along between islands and catching them drafting behind our ride.  Oh yes, they would have been disqualified last weekend for that move.

More Galapagos coming your way…

P.S. The good ole URL was just renewed, which confirms our lives will continue to go on adventurously.  (Do you hear my “laugh at my own jokes” chuckle in the background?)

5 Responses to “Galapagos Islands- Blue Footed Boobies”

  1. Tracy

    Kristen-We used a tour company called Happy Gringo. From what we gathered, all of the tours are about the same in quality unless if you really jump up in price and for a luxury yacht. Either way, wait as long as you can to book. About a week before the boats depart the prices drop substantially so they can fill up the remaining spots left on the boat. This is what happened for us and a few others. Being a few indecisive individuals paid off in thousands this time!Good luck with your planning!

  2. Leslie

    I could not get all the pictures or the video until we got home from the UP! This is a terrific blog.

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