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So, we are really behind.  Hopefully we will have some time to post about three trips yet to appear on this site.
This summer we ventured over to the Outer Banks and Emerald Isle, NC.  We took a full day tour with Capt. Jess and Crystal Coast Eco-Tours.  He is an incredibly experienced Marine Biologist and choreographed our day with fun for everyone.  We kind of felt like we were on a science field trip.  It was fantastic! Our first stop was the Rachel Carson Reserve to visit with wild horses and for bird watching.  We have now seen wild horses in two different countries this summer.

The natural beauty is just how I imagined the Outer Banks.

Capt. Jess led us on little explorations including shelling on this beach.  Due to Hurricane Irene, the shelling was apparently the best Capt. Jess had ever seen.  Incredibly large shells were everywhere.    

Here is the Lucky Dog.  This is the smooth riding tour boat, large enough for our crowd of six.

One of the islands we visited had jellyfish floating in masses near the beach.  Capt. Jess assured us they wouldn’t sting (even though their 1.5′ diameter size was quite intimidating) and had us pick them up.  This unfortunate one lost to the waves.

Next on the agenda, casting for fish!  We learned how to cast out nets timed perfectly to intersect with schools of fish.  This act takes some grace.  Cayle almost fell over while getting tangled in his net on the first try.  He really entertained our nephew!  In the distance Capt. Jess is carrying a bucket of jellyfish to release them on the other side of the sandbar in an attempt to prevent their fates from mimicking that of the one above.
 Last on the agenda was clamming, which means lightly raking the sand until you feel a clink (likely a clam) and digging for the clam.  While the act of clamming for us as beginners took a bit of time, it was very rewarding to scavenge for our own food.  What a blast!  We ended up with a ton of clams, which made for a delightful dinner that evening.

We were very happy customers and feel like we have a new friend in Capt. Jess.  Thank you, sir!
Crystal Coast Eco-Tours- a must if you are in this area.

2 Responses to “Outer Banks eco tour with Capt. Jess”

  1. Meghan

    I swear, you two inspire me more and more with each post. What a beautiful place! And clamming? I die – I bet it was so much fun!

  2. Tracy

    It was! Life is inspiring isn't it? Whenever we can experience or try something new while traveling, we do. Little else seems to slow time down, anymore.


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