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I’m a pretty lucky lady, especially when the hubs gives me packing instructions for a surprise 4 day vacation.  Have you ever packed according to someone else’s instructions without knowing where you are going or what you are doing?  How about when the instructions say the weather will be between 55 and 80 degrees? It was a little crazy.  The surprise continued until I reached security at the airport…so fun.  Neither of us had ever been to Boston before.  Cayle had a great time being responsible for my wonderment and planning an entire trip with daily itineraries written out on cards, which I received each morning.  Surprise!

Boston is saturated with American history and significance.  We spent a day taking it in.  First stop (after spending time reading the news over coffee), the Freedom Trail.  We followed the red line through the city experiencing amazing historical landmarks and taking in this fabulous New England city.  We even had our first Lobster Rolls.  Yum!
HEAT wave in Boston anyone?  It was 90-95 degrees and stunningly beautiful. 
Granary Burying Ground was one of the stops. This picture says it all.  Celebration of life and everything that comes with it including the end.  Beautiful and serene.

Granary is the resting place of some of American history’s most notable figures including Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, Robert Treat Paine and James Otis.
The Old Corner Bookstore from 1828 and victim of modernization. 

We spent a day strolling around Harvard Square having a splendid time shopping, eating, and reading.  We also had the opportunity to visit an exhibit at Harvard’s Museum of Natural History.  These flowers were hand crafted out of glass by a father and son duo in the 19th century.  Glass!  The detail is phenomenal.

We spent another day touring through the Museum of Fine Art with an impressive efficiency.  “Rembrandt, van Gogh, Gauguin, Monet, Renoir, ok moving on to the next wing.” Cayle was really thoughtful planning out the trip knowing how much I would enjoy all of the items on our itinerary…

Including an evening of live music at the Middle East Club.  Caroline Smith and The Good Night Sleeps were great!  Caroline is a sweet Midwestern lady with such a unique vocal melody.  
We loved Boston with its red brick infrastructure, great public transportation, and European feel. Such a wonderful mini vacation and romantic gesture by Cayle.  So many tokens of happiness! 

4 Responses to “Boston baby!”

  1. Meghan

    Mike and I went to Boston last March, and I adored every single thing about it! As a history teacher, I was especially excited about the Freedom Trail:) So glad you experienced Boston's charm as well!

  2. Leslie

    The history and art looked like they would make a good time. I certainly haven't spent enough time in Boston.

    • thisadventurouslife

      Thank you for the compliment. We have a few particular tropical locations we frequent when we need to force ourselves to relax. Tulum, Mexico and Hawaii are a few of the places. Let me know if you ever need travel tips for either of these locations. Thanks again.


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