Paris-Day 1

After an overnight flight with minimal sleep, on our foggy first morning, it was determined that against our better judgement and the advice of our driver we will be riding these tomorrow on the crazy streets of Paris.
Le Marais, location of our rental flat.  Older of the neighborhoods of Paris.
First time in Paris!
Notre Dame looming in the fog.
Two coffee stops later, our food consumption included the longest hot dog and cheese baguette we had ever seen.  Our friend is a great sport!
Our lack of sleep left us delirious and made the day seem very dream-like.
Notre Dame
Stained glass viewed from the interior of the cathedral.
French Cuisine
I’m in love!
Our table experienced steak tar tar, duck confit, roasted duck breast, and pan seared pork with mustard seed seasoning (above plate).  Throw in a great bottle of Bordeaux and chocolate cake to call it a successful night.
Le Marais in the evening.  “Our Home in Paris” (rental company) has really impressed us with our flat, driver, and concierge.  We didn’t plan anything on our travel day, yet found Paris to be very walkable and easy to navigate making it easy to accomplish so much on our first day.