About two months ago we started planning to visit India.  We went into the planning stages knowing we wouldn’t be able to see it all.  Our wish lists were quickly whittled away to a realistic agenda.  While we are sad to cut out Varanasi, Darjeeling, and McLeod Ganj to name a few, we are happy to have determined a focused trip where we will experience a few areas well rather than rushing all over the place.

Rajasthan, for some reason, was a part of our trip from the start.  We both assumed we would be going in this direction.  I’m not sure if we know why.  Sometimes, you just know where you want to go.  Also, we had decided earlier on to focus on the northern portion of the country knowing we wouldn’t be able to do it all, AND we didn’t want to spend the whole trip on modes of transportation.  With Rajasthan in particular, my heart was dead set on Jaisalmer.  I have no idea why.  Again, it happens- you get a feeling.

Delhi will be our hub as we jump down to Agra on Thursday.  Then we fly over to the far east stopping through Kolkata.  Finally, we will take planes, trains, and camels around the far west before heading home.

One of our favorite magazine subscriptions, AFAR, had a recent article on authentic travel right as we were feeling an urge for… more authentic travel.  We have determined the harder a place is to get to, most often the more authentic the experience is because there are less built up expectations combined with heightened senses.  I have a feeling Kaziranga National Park and surrounding villages will fall into this category.