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It is camera upgrade season in our household.  With multiple new contraptions arriving, I am inspired to think about some of my most favorite captured moments.  Some of the photographs I take carry sentimental meaning, some are (frankly) tough shots I’m proud of, and some are great surprises.  Since there are too many to include in one post, I will stick to a gallery posting of “strength in subjects.”  You will get my drift, I hope.  Here are some of my favorites (minus a few I snapped in Cuzco, Peru that may or may not be included in Cayle’s upcoming post).

Try shooting out of the window of a moving matatu while also attempting to hide your camera.  It’s not easy, but not as hard as pulling all of that produce. I like that the trailer has a vibrating look to it, appropriate for the location and the action taking place.

The camera is held down at my side as if it isn’t on, my thumb resting the button.  They are looking up at our faces.  Beautiful, enduring children.

A solitary Acacia, winding and well trodden path, ray of light casting onto a Sub-Saharan plain and vast horizon… interpretations and representations are all too many to list.  I cherish moments while traveling where at an exact moment in time you know you are right where you should be.  There is unparalleled strength in such a feeling.

An icon of Mayan civilization, Temple of Kukulkan, Chichen Itza circa 2008.  On the spring and summer equinox, shadows are casted revealing a serpent’s body down the staircase.  If visited now, the pyramid is fenced off and the land is quite barren.  

Whatever camera I had in 2007 (Kodak maybe?), I can’t fault it much because it gave me this.

On one very hot, very sunny day I fought to ignore the chorus of “Jump Around” repeating in my mind while trying to absorb the cultural significance of a tribe’s deep tradition.

A great blue heron looking dignified.  What I like most about this photo is the trifecta of landscapes ranging from the foreground and into the farthest distance with the green vegetation contrasting the detail of the bird.

If only this llama new it was so hip!  The “greenest” way to mow your lawn.  And the Andes, oh the Andes.  Is there a better mountain range?  P.S. it really was that green.

A moss covered Buddha surrounded by the tallest and brightest colored bamboo I have ever seen.  Allerton Garden, Kauai, Hawaii.

What I love about this photo (other than the man in it), was a complete accident.  A raindrop hit the lens of our waterproof digital right before I took this photo creating a motion effect at the rear of the kayak.  How speedy Cayle looks!

A director’s chair.  How many amazing people have sat in it taking in a view of the Ugandan hillside? Or, should the emptiness of this director’s chair be a metaphor for the political leadership of a country?

Some detail is lost in the highlights of the petals, but I still love the reflection of the waterlilly.

Another iPhone shot, which is forever the lock screen on my phone. We can’t get enough of our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and are very lucky he is so welcomed and loved by his grandparents while we travel.

Can’t wait for our new cameras to come in!  We have some major photography candy coming up finishing 2011 in Paris and starting 2012 off in Rome.

What about a photograph of yours qualifies it as one of your favorites?

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Cayle often has to deal with the magnetic pull between myself and dogs, wherever our travels take us. This magnetic pull may lead me to turn a corner unannounced and follow a cute pack of small, fuzzy, sweater clad dogs down a small street in Cuzco. Cayle, after a few panicked moments and dodging back through the crowd, eventually realizes his wife wasn’t hurt or lost- just pulled by the dogs. This pull may cause me to stop in my tracks for photo opportunities leading to many sorry’s and excuse me’s commonly followed by quizzical looks. Also, Cayle may find out later one afternoon the protein bar he would have liked to snack on is missing.  It couldn’t have been broken up and given to dogs on the verge of starving. That would never happen!

Curiously, I find myself taken photos of certain subjects wherever I travel to.  Dogs would be one of them.  So, the theme leading to this post… Why do I always take pictures of dogs?  Let’s see if we can determine any conclusions based on some of the photos I was able to round up.
Well, clearly emotion drove me to take this photo, one of around 900 photos from my first trip to Kenya.  While I understand the cultural differences, dogs in Africa (among many other things) make me really quite sad.  I ran into this sweet one in Masai Mara.  I threw her a few crackers because that was all I had.  (Yes, there are starving people everywhere who needed those crackers.)
Many points to be made here.  First point: Isn’t it amazing how dog owners and dogs often resemble each other?  Second point: At first, this gentleman seemed like a super cute dog owner.  He wants to capture moments with his companion and makes sure to bring water along on a hot summer day.  But… upon closer inspection, Fido is precariously balanced on the railing with only a strangle tactic as a safety measure!  Well, I was happy Fido could handle the circus act, and my photo didn’t come out blurry due to my laughter. Oh, the things you see in NYC.
We, at this adventurous life, are dog lovers.  We have yet to understand the appeal of cats other than they don’t require much work or attention (cat lovers explain this to me).  This is one of the less than thrilling moments of Bailey’s life.  You see, he despises the rampant snowball attacks that occur in this arctic winter weather.  He also despises having to wait around uncomfortably while mom takes a few photos, says the look on his face.
Dogs have this knack for being at peace with the world around them, unlike many humans.  Maybe this photo subject repetition is derived from my own search for peacefulness.  Or am I stretching this too far, maybe.  Photo taken in Plaza del Armas, Cuzco, Peru 2008
REASON #4: “BUT HE IS SO CUTE AND PEACEFUL!”  (followed by, “Don’t delete that picture!”)
Being in the right place at the right time, you realize all of the previous photos led you to this specific moment. One of the holy grails of dog photography. Capturing the unique bond between dog and owner.  Even with horrid lighting, Mr. Schnauzer joining his person at the bar for a night cap was one of those trophy moments where you scramble for the camera trying not to cause a ruckus. Victory was claimed while sitting on a worn wooden bar stool and sipping bourbon at a corner bar in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica.
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