Cayle recently introduced me to Gunnar Garfors website,, which I also ran into over at Business Insider when I could not help but click on the article titled“The 25 Least Visited Countries in the World.”   If like me, you have traveled somewhere and unexpectedly were assaulted by the CRAZY amount of tourism you encountered, then read his article in Business Insider and get ideas for your next trip.  Sorry for using the word “assaulted” but really, that is how it can feel.

Cayle and I have said before that some of our favorite trips and destinations have been the hardest ones to get to.  We have relatives that will ask us, “Why are you going THERE?” (with a “that’s so weird” tone in their voice)… and being asked this question will actually reaffirm our decision to be a great one.  The two 747’s to the taxi ride and then on the little propeller pane, to the bus, to the sketchy taxi ride… gets us away from exactly what we are trying to escape in order to find a more natural world and a place that hasn’t yet been assaulted by the human race.  Don’t get me wrong, Paris is my favorite city, but … you know.

Garfors bases his list on these factors:


Visa regulations


Available information

Number of visitors

Some of the countries on this list I am really considering.  A few of them would be potential destinations except that at this point in our lives I’m feeling less inclined to hire a security detail and/or armored vehicle for traveling.  Here are the countries on his list of least traveled places that are now higher on our travel wish list:


Sierra Leone

Equatorial Guinea


East Timor

Marshall Islands

Kiribati (Ever read Sex lives of Cannibals?  If so, you probably want to go here too.)


We leave in two days heading to Chile.  While Santiago will be exciting and awesome, it is the land of Chilean Patagonia that we have dreamt of visiting for years.  3 plane rides, a bus and taxi ride later we will arrive in Puerto Natales to prepare for hiking the “W” in Torres del Paine.  While this is not the least traveled destination, it is definitely the land of the less traveled… you could say it is the anti-Rajasthan.  Here we come.